Purple Mimosa V6


We have a fresh batch of Mimosa V6 grown to perfection by The Village. This batch was harvested 73 days into flowering which brought out another dimension of smooth creamy orange creamsicle flavor! It has a richer & more complex terpene profile than previous batches, with strong notes of orange sports drink and undertones of vanilla cream, chalky pastels, & skunky GDP. The high is thicker as well, with more fuzzy indica warmth coming through on this batch while still retaining the euphoric properties of Clementine. Very smooth warm euphoric coasting high. A heavy sesh might call for a nap!

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Purple Mimosa V6

Genetics: Mimosa was bred by Symbiotic Genetics by crossing Clementine (bred by DNA Genetics) to Symbiotic’s flagship Purple Punch F2 stud male. The V6 phenotype was selected by The Village for it’s yummy orange & grape cocktail aroma along with it’s special high that’s both euphoric & soothing.

Essence: This batch has a delicious thick wafting aroma that I can only describe as orange muffins. Breaking into the beautiful GDPesk bouquet brings out notes of orange creamsicle with undertones of grape fun-dip and skunky GDP. The exhale is smooth and citrusy with notes of orange filled pastries and skunk. Vaporizing Mimosa V6 fills the rooms with a signature skunky creamy tangerine essence.

Effect: The high is soothing, coasting, and euphoric! Harvesting late into flowering brought out more indica medicinal properties to the high. This batch is less productive than previous batches, but has more relaxing indica warmth while also retaining the euphoric vibes of Clementine. Puts the body and mind in a smooth warm tranquil mindset that’s focused and in-the-zone. A heavy sesh will bring out stronger indica properties and might call for a nap.

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