Super Sour Lemon


Live resin is the Cadillac of the Live Series products extracted at Seed and Smith. Live resin is the only product in the live series extracted with a blend of n-butane and propane and is crystallized over a longer period of time at lower temperatures.

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We use N-butane for our extractions due to its unique ability to attain a richer terpene profile compared to other solvents. Using our closed-loop extraction system, we push ice cold butane through frozen cannabis, extracting all the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes we want while leaving behind impurities we don’t. Once the majority of the solvent has been safely recovered, residual solvent is removed in a vacuum oven. Employing our “low and slow” philosophy, we keep temperatures down and purge over several days, allowing the extract to retain all the delicious flavor and scent of the cannabis it was derived from. All of our extractions are tested for potency, residual solvents, microbial contaminants and terpenes, ensuring a safe and healthy experience for our consumers while empowering users to become educated on the benefits of various terpene/cannabinoid combinations.


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